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Structure within E18 road, along the southern bank of Farris lake. Larvik, Norway

Project specificity

Suspension, single-pylon bridge with box cross-section. The main bridge span _ 120 m _ has been suspended on 12 cables between 55 and 120 m long. Cantilever stay cables, 2x6 pcs. _ parallel to each other, have been anchored over the first support of the western flyover. They are between 67 and 76 m long.

The height of pylon (pillar shaped) is 74.30 m.

Access flyovers have the following parameters:

    - the eastern flyover - 5 spans with the total length of 280 m
    - the western flyover - 3 spans with the total length of 169 m

Additionally, a temporary tunnel was designed with the function to secure the railway line for the period of construction of the Farris bridge. The main assumption for the project was enabling unlimited railway traffic within the bridge construction site.

The designed structure consisted of steel frames connected with crating system. It consisted of 15 segments which, after transportation over the railroad, were then fixed to the foundations and connected to create a 75 m tunnel.

Scope of works

Deck optimization project (change of construction technology - full formwork has been replaced with elongated extension for access and overhang has been proposed for the main span).

Detailed engineering design for the temporary tunnel over railroad (V >= 200 km/h)